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There are several layers of security built into the BUMI (Backup My Info!) service to give you added peace of mind in backing up your data. Your data is encrypted from the time it leaves your computer and remains encrypted until it is safely back on your machine. Both the client side (customer) and the server side (BUMI) have controls in place that prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Client Side

  • You create an encryption key using military grade AES encryption technology up to 256 bit. This key is unknown to BUMI, which means we can never see your data.
  • In addition, our software has the distinction of being the only cloud based solution to earn the FIPS 140-2 certification.
  • The backup client adopts LAN security policies and can only be accessed by those with administrative rights.
  • Data is transmitted and stored in encrypted and compressed format and remains this way at all times.
  • Client/Server authentication protocol ensures that no one can restore your data to alternate hardware without authorization, even if they have the encryption code. We will register your account on new hardware only if authorized parties inform us to do so.

Server Side

  • Our servers are located in two different locations in state-of-the-art SAS 70 Type II buildings in Toronto and Kelowna, Canada. These buildings require biometric access for entry.
  • Your data is stored on servers which are located behind firewalls that solely allow backup communication.
  • Your data remains encrypted on our servers and would be unreadable if anyone managed to gain access to our servers.