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Whether you need to back up one desktop or several servers in diverse locations, you’ll find that our service will work for your business, thanks to an ever-increasing range of great features and capabilities.

Autonomic Healing

The Autonomic Healing Module helps guarantee data integrity by continuously monitoring for file corruptions. Think of it as the “immune system” for your backups with BUMI.

System Admin

The System Admin checks for corrupted files by checking the headers/links.  This best part is that this entire process happens seamlessly in the background without any interference on your behalf.

Restore Validation

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could perform a restore “dress rehearsal” before an actual disaster struck? Well, our software can help you do just that. This process allows you to check ahead of time whether or not your data is recoverable.

Database Backup

You are able to back up Exchange, SQL, My SQL, Sharepoint, PostgreSQL, Oracle and many other databases through the BUMI (Backup My Info!) software.

Single Installation

The BUMI software is agentless, which means that you can protect your entire network by downloading the software to only one machine.

Local Storage

Keeping a local copy of your data on your network allows for instant recovery.


A lower cost storage solution for data that is no longer going to change, with the same level of protection and security as our online backup solution. Data that needs to be recovered from our archive server will be sent to you overnight on disk media or an external hard drive.

Time Based Backup

This solution allows you to automatically remove stored data from our servers when that data has been unchanged for a certain period of time. The data can be removed entirely, or pushed to our Archive servers for continued protection at a lower cost.

Email Message Level Backup

Unlike an Exchange Database backup, this solution allows you to backup your Exchange, Lotus Notes, or Groupwise emails at the message level. This allows individual contacts, calendars, and email messages to be backed up and restored with ease.

Continuous Data Protection

With this feature enabled on a backup set, any file selected for backup will be immediately stored on our servers as soon as a change is made. This allows for up to the minute recovery of data as it existed at the point of failure.

Bare Metal Backup

Bare metal backup allows for the restoration of a complete system on new hardware – regardless of manufacturer – including local data, user profiles, registry/system state, service pack files and encrypted files.

Delta Blocking

After your initial backup, the software backs up only the changes to your data, resulting in lightning fast nightly backups.

Virtualization Support

Agentless backup at the virtual machine or virtual disk level. XenServer, VMware, and Hyper-V. VMware support includes VADP and Change Block Tracking (CBT).

Backup Software Upgrades & Hotfixes

Free, automatic, and fully supported.