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What does your company do?

BUMI is a premium managed service provider specializing in online data backup and recovery. Our off-site data protection solution addresses critical issues such as rapid growth of data, business continuity, and regulatory compliance. Every BUMI client is cared for by a team of senior-level engineers dedicated to providing proactive and personalized support. We help businesses alleviate the pains and risks associated with traditional forms of backup, and all of our people, processes and technology are dedicated to protecting corporate data continuity in a personalized way.  

Where are you located?

Our corporate headquarters in in New York City, and we also have two SSAE-16 Type I & II data centers located in Toronto and Vancouver.

What types of clients do you work with?

BUMI clients include professional service organizations such as banking, financial, insurance, accounting, hedge funds and law firms.  Our typical clients are professional service type businesses ranging from 10-1000 employees.  However, we have offices ranging from 1 person to as large as 10,000 employees.

How do you differ from your competition?

We believe that there are three tiers of backup services out in the marketplace.  The first tier includes extremely low-cost providers that focus on the consumer and home office market.  Their software is very simple, and they provide zero support.  Due to the fact that their software is very limited, they cannot handle the types of applications that most professional services firms are running.

The second tier includes service providers that are similar to BUMI in that they focus on business critical data. The difference is that they are focusing more on a self-service model.

BUMI has created its own third tier in the marketplace. We provide a premium online backup service.  We consult with you on your recovery needs and ensure that your regulatory issues are met.  We only hire senior level engineers to support you and a live engineer is always just a phone call away. 

The fact is technology is not getting any easier – it’s getting more complicated on a day-to-day basis.  Our team literally obsesses over our customers to ensure backups are run successfully.  We are very proactive to the customer.  You never have to learn how to use our software because our engineers will be monitoring this for you.  Think of us as an extension to your IT team.  The fact is not all restoration is the same.  For example, it can be very difficult to restore an Exchange server versus a few word documents.  Our belief is that you need to be taken care of.  We don’t just hand you the software and wish you all the best. We want to hand hold you and make sure you are protected right. 

How does your online backup and recovery solution work?

BUMI There is our online backup solution for companies with less than 4TB of data who do not wish to manage their backups in-house.  In order to get started, an agentless software application is installed on your network. You will then work with our engineers to configure the backups based on your company’s needs. Three things we need to get you up and running are to know what you are backing up, how often you want it backed up, and for an encryption code that you will create and only you will know. This encryption code is what makes your documents incredibly secure, as we use military grade protection – BUMI doesn’t even know this code. Once we have these three things set, we will run an initial backup in which we backup all the encrypted and compressed data which is sent to our data centers in Canada. Every back up made after the initial backup only captures changes made to your files – that way, we avoid a very time consuming process or re-writing what is already backed up that hasn’t changed. 

Do you offer any onsite solutions? And if so, how do those work?

Yes. BUMI Here and BUMI Everywhere are our private and hybrid cloud solutions that allow companies with large amounts of data to backup internally (with the option of replicating to one of our data centers) and benefit from fast, disk-speed restores, de-duplication, and multi-versioning.  Two software applications (BUMI Client and BUMI System) will be installed on your network. The BUMI Client software is agentless and only needs to be installed on one server in your network. It does not require dedicated hardware and can be installed alongside other applications. The BUMI System software is installed on a dedicated server (physical or virtual) on your network and connects to a separate NAS device provided by BUMI.

When your scheduled data backup begins, data is transferred within your own network to the server installed with the BUMI Client software. When the data reaches this server it is analyzed for any data blocks that have changed or are new since the last backup. Those data blocks are then compressed and encrypted using military-grade encryption.

This compressed and encrypted data is then transmitted over your local network to the BUMI System server and stored in a compressed and encrypted format on the BUMI provided NAS.

After the local backup finishes, your encrypted data is then replicated either to another one of your facilities (BUMI Here) or to one of BUMI’s SSAE 16 Type I & II data centers (BUMI Everywhere). This configuration ensures that your data is safely stored at a geographically diverse location and can be restored in any type of emergency.

How do I know that my backups are running successfully?

There’s a few different ways.  We set up an email notification so you are informed every day.  You are also assigned dedicated engineers who all have an average of 10 years experience.  We have a very proactive approach to the process.  If we notice something wrong with your backup we won’t wait for you to call us. Our team will be on the phone with you as soon as we notice something that needs to be fixed. Our team is passionate and dedicated to the success of your backups, and they monitor your backups daily. Our team is available 24/7 and happy to help with any questions or needs you may have.

How often can I backup my information?

Our typical client backs up their data once a day usually at night when most employees are off the network; however, we can set it up depending on your needs.  If you need to have constant backup we can run it every 15 seconds to catch all of those constant changes. We can also backup open files. 

How many generations of data can you hold?

It is all user defined.  We can backup as many generations as you need, however, remember that this is changed-based and not time-based (e.g. you don’t need 30 generations to backup a month of work). Three generations is the minimum allowed in the software.  Our clients typically hold anywhere between 3-7 generations.  We have standard best practices that we might suggest based on your backup needs.  This is where our engineers can hand hold you and help you figure out a solid plan.  

Is there a limit to generations?

No. You can have an infinite number of generations, however, it might affect your storage costs if you keep a large number of generations. We have standard best practices that we might suggest based on your backup needs. For example, for financial firms that use BUMI to meet their compliance needs, we put a delete lock on the software, meaning they keep infinite generations of their files.  Again, this is where our engineers can really hand hold you and help you figure out a solid plan. 

Can I back up Exchange?

Yes, we can backup your entire Microsoft Exchange server (2003 to 2010 version) – emails, calendars, contacts, or anything else you want backed up from the exchange store. There are two different ways to backup exchange; either the whole store database or individual message option.

(Message level allows users to backup at the individual mailbox level which would include backing up emails, calendar entries, contacts, email folders.  Without this feature it would take hours to restore a single email.)

How is my data protected?

When you begin backing up with us, you will create a military grade encryption code that only you will know – we will never know this code. The data is stored in state-of-the-art vaults in Canada that are protected by 24-hour security and require biometric access for entry. It is very important that you share this code with others at your company, and you are sure not to lose it. We cannot restore your data if this encryption code is lost. Your data is very secure, as we have been in business for over eight years and we have never lost anyone’s data. 

Is our data encrypted?

Yes. During the initial phases of setup, our software will ask you to provide an encryption code.  Our military grade encryption (AES) is safer than the encryption used for your online banking.  This specific code locks itself down to the machine the software is installed on.  

How does your encryption work?

Our encryption is AES military grade – the default is 128 bit which requires a 16 character code (highest is AES 256 with a 32 character code).  We have four different types of encryption you can choose from.  You can never change this once it’s been entered in the software application.

What if a partner was working remotely from his laptop and had personal documents that were being backed up? What kind of security would he have?

His personal files would still be secure. Just as when you initially install the software you create an encryption code, the partner would create an account key that serves as an encryption code specific to his laptop. Even though his files are still sitting in the data facilities in Canada, they can only be accessed from the partner’s laptop by using the account and private key created for that account

Who do I call for support?

You can call our team 24/7 and receive knowledgeable support from our dedicated engineers. We will not hire anyone without solid experience, and our engineers are experts. You never have to deal with people reading off scripts.

What if our nightly backup didn’t go smoothly?

Our experienced engineers will check your live logs every day. If some file(s) were not backed
up for some reason, you will receive automated triggered e-mail notifications from our backup
system. And our engineers will get in touch with you as well. We are obsessed with your data

How do I restore my data?

Simply by a click of a button.  The system will ask you where you want to restore your data and will assume you want to restore the latest version of data unless you ask otherwise.  We’re here 24×7 if you need help.

How would my data be sent to me from Canada?

You can restore your data anytime using BUMI’s software that resides on your network.  If you need to restore a large amount of data, we can ship your encrypted data on a portable drive. For restore purposes, the hard drive service is complimentary, however the hard drive must be returned within ten business days.