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Healthcare Focused IT Service Provider Outsources their Clients’ Data Backup to BUMI

Entegration, Inc. used to provide backup in house but found switching to BUMI to be more efficient, cost effective and provided greater assurance of backup integrity

The Challenge

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Entegration, Inc. offers a full range of Information Technology services to healthcare organizations. With clients ranging from startup medical practices to large established multi-physician, multi-location medical practices, New Jersey-based Entegration specializes in implementing electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Founded in 2000, the company’s focus on medical practices has allowed them to build specific services that today’s practices require, including HIPAA security, EMR hosting and EMR off-site backup.

Until late 2012, Entegration provided data backup to its clients as part of its service. However, with more than 400 servers under their management, ensuring that all the backups were running was very labor intensive. Every night, in house technicians had to make sure that data was backed up correctly and that any problems were fixed. But monitoring and maintaining backups while delivering support to clients was becoming difficult as Entegration grew. “I knew it was taking up more time than my techs had,” says Art Gross, President and CEO of Entegration. “I also knew it was not their priority. Other pressing issues came before looking at those backups. We were not giving it the level of attention it deserved.” Entegration hired an intern to look at the backups and put some tools in to automate it. But Gross still didn’t have a lot of confidence in these changes and was concerned backups could become a liability for the company.

The Solution

“Backing up our clients’ data is one of the most important things we do,” he says. “I wanted to make sure we were providing the highest level of service we could. And that led me to BUMI.”

Working with BUMI engineers, Entegration migrated each client over to BUMI. The process took about three months as all parties wanted to be confident that no data was lost and that backups continued without interruption. BUMI is now backing up hundreds of Entegration client servers. Entegration’s staff was very impressed with BUMI technicians’ communication and expertise. “BUMI is a lot more than a backup and recovery vendor. They are a true partner,” Gross says. When there is a problem with a backup, BUMI engineers immediately alert Entegration technicians and help them both troubleshoot the problem and resolve it. BUMI also offers to get on the phone with Entegration and the client. “I didn’t want to give data backup responsibility to someone who wasn’t going to give it the time and focus it deserved,” Gross says. “This is all BUMI does. They are on top of everything and on top of us when something needs attention.”

Entegration and BUMI were also able to partner to develop an additional service to clients called HIPAA Secure Backup Powered By BUMI. The HIPAA compliant backup service is offered as part of Entegration’s HIPAA Secure Now! Service. HIPAA Secure Now! provides medical practices with the tools needed to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule. HIPAA Secure Backup Powered By BUMI is being purchased by new clients who are not currently using the company’s other IT services.

The Results

Entegration was a managed service provider who realized that partnering with another managed service provider would help them provide better service. “Our clients trust us to make the right decisions for them as they outsource their IT to us. We have that same level of trust as we outsource their backup and recovery to BUMI,” Gross says.

New Jersey-based Entegration manages clients’ networks and ensures that they are secure, efficient and reliable. They strive to be more than just a vendor; they aim to be a trusted technology advisor and valuable partner. Now they have that with BUMI as well.


“We all agreed that from both a technology and business point of view, partnering with BUMI was the right thing to do.”

Art Gross, President and CEO

“I didn’t want to give data backup responsibility to someone who wasn’t going to give it the time and focus it deserved. This is all BUMI does. They are on top of everything and on top of us when something needs attention.”

Art Gross, President and CEO