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Partner Program Overview


Any way you choose, our partner program will provide a new profit center for your business. BUMI (Backup My Info!) will provide you with marketing collateral and assistance throughout the sales process. Learn more about how BUMI can help you take care of your clients.

Referral Partner

As a Referral Partner, you refer clients to BUMI and receive commission on the revenue that BUMI receives from those clients. Referral Partners provide first level support for all clients using our service. BUMI will handle billing and our engineers are available to provide support beyond first level.


As a Reseller, you pay for the aggregate amount of stored data for all of your clients each month. You may then bill each client as you see fit. Under a Reseller partnership, you handle all billing and first level support for your clients. As with the Referral partnership, we are always available to provide additional support to your clients on the BUMI solution.

Interested In Partnering With BUMI?

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