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Moret Group

$700 Million Fashion Conglomerate The Morét Group Leverages Their Own Infrastructure to Backup Over 8 Terabytes of Data with BUMI Here

The Challenge

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The Morét Group is an apparel design, sourcing and marketing company that features a diverse portfolio of owned and licensed lifestyle brands and a collection of private label apparel businesses. A leading supplier of contemporary sportswear, sleepwear, intimates, underwear, loungewear, outerwear and hosiery, The Morét Group’s wholesale customers are found in every major channel of distribution, including national chains, sporting goods chains, mass merchants, department stores, specialty stores and Internet retailers. In 2011, The Morét Group supplied the industry with $700 million in retail sales across all of their operating divisions.

In early 2013, The Morét Group brought in a new Vice President of Technology, Kevin Lewis, to rebuild their IT infrastructure. “When I first joined The Morét Group we had an unreliable backup scheme with too short of a retention time. We only had a week’s worth of backup for the entire company, which is not a good business practice.” The Morét Group was backing up using software and tapes and experiencing numerous failures during the backups, which were being stored locally.

The Solution

Lewis first looked at upgrading the company’s tape drives but decided that wouldn’t solve the problem, as The Morét Group would still need messengers to move the tapes to another location. “What we needed was offsite replication,” he says. “We also needed a solution that could handle large amounts of data, as we were backing up about eight terabytes a night.”

Lewis had been one of BUMI’s first clients years ago when he was with a different firm. He heard about their private cloud backup and recovery solution, BUMI Here, and thought it might be the right fit for The Morét Group. The Morét Group implemented BUMI Here for their New York City headquarters and for their New Jersey warehouse. They began doing backups in their NYC once every night, immediately sending a replication digitally to New Jersey. The private cloud backup and recovery solution backs up a variety of key files and documents including Adobe, Microsoft Office, Active Directory, Exchange Servers, as well as Accounting files and SQL DBs. BUMI Here is also able to handle multiple platforms, as Lewis reports that they are backing up both their Mac and Windows servers.

BUMI Here enables The Morét Group to leverage their existing infrastructure while giving them complete control over their backups and where those backups are stored. Two software applications (BUMI Client and BUMI System) are installed on The Morét Group’s network. The BUMI Client software only needs to be installed on one server in the network. The BUMI System software is installed on a dedicated server on their network and connects to a NAS device provided by BUMI.

When scheduled data backup begins, data is transferred within The Morét Group’s own network to the server installed with the BUMI Client software. When the data reaches this server it is analyzed for any data blocks that have changed or are new since the last backup. Those data blocks are compressed and encrypted using military-grade encryption. The data is then transmitted over The Morét Group’s local network to the BUMI System server and stored in a compressed and encrypted format on the BUMI-provided NAS. Most importantly to The Morét Group, after the local backup is finished, the encrypted data is then replicated to a secondary offsite location of their choosing which is also running the BUMI System software. This configuration ensures that their data is safely stored at a geographically diverse location and can be restored in any type of emergency.

The Results

“The engineering team at BUMI is amazing and worked with us to configure and test everything,” Lewis says. “They know the software inside and out and provide great customer support when we need it.” The Morét Group’s IT team has been impressed with the speed and reliability of the restores and appreciates the fast, knowledgeable and comprehensive customer service BUMI technicians provide. Daily monitoring is done both by BUMI and Lewis’ team at The Morét Group. A report is sent every morning and if there are errors, the BUMI engineers work with The Morét Group’s administrators to clear them. “When you call BUMI, you are talking to real people who have worked in the industry,” he says. “BUMI techs understand the importance of keeping a business running while solving problems.”

The IT team at The Morét Group has done restores as users occasionally delete directories and files accidentally. “One of our employees deleted a design directory, and we were able to restore it before he got back to his desk,” he says. Lewis says one of the main reasons The Morét Group hired him was to find the safest solution for their data backup needs. He feels he found that solution with BUMI Here. “The owner didn’t realize how vulnerable the company’s data was if something happened to the building. We now have a warehouse in New Jersey where all our data is replicated. BUMI Here certainly gives me and the other executives peace of mind.”



Industry: Apparel Design

“What we needed was offsite replication. We also needed a solution that could handle large amounts of data, as we were backing up about eight terabytes a night.”

Kevin Lewis, Vice President of Technology, The Morét Group

“When you call BUMI, you are talking to real people who have worked in the industry. BUMI techs understand the importance of keeping a business running while solving problems.”

Kevin Lewis, Vice President of Technology, The Morét Group

“BUMI Here certainly gives me and the other executives peace of mind.”

Kevin Lewis, Vice President of Technology, The Morét Group