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Law Firms

Reliable, Secure Data Protection for Law Firms & Legal Organizations

Law firms face a variety of unique challenges when it comes to data protection. In the course of legal research and case management, these organizations routinely amass large volumes of data and handle sensitive information on behalf of their clients. The passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) legislative act also requires that they maintain the highest levels of information security and confidentiality with their records. Despite increased technological and regulatory demands, many legal organizations are still stuck managing outmoded and ineffective methods of data protection, including tapes and onsite hard drives.

You work hard to protect your clients. Shouldn’t someone be working hard to protect you? BUMI has the capability and experience to support legal firms of all sizes. Our data backup and recovery solution for legal organizations includes:

  • Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Support of a variety of case management and billing platforms such as ProLaw, Time Matters, PCLaw, and others
  • Versioning control for backup files
  • Customizable archiving solutions for retaining large volumes of data
  • 256 Bit AES encryption at all times at highly secure offsite data center locations (SAS70 Type II)
  • Data integrity check process to guard against file corruption
  • Storage of data on high-end disk arrays that cannot be changed or tampered with once backed up to our facilities.
  • Audit trail of all backups and restores
  • Restricted login privileges only allowing access to users with administrative credentials


“With BUMI I know that if a disaster did happen we could be back up and running in no time. And the partners trust that our data is safe and secure.  For us, the overall hassle of tape backup management was incredibly tedious and time consuming, taking up way too much of my limited team resources. Once I set up BUMI it completely took the job off of IT’s plate.” -John Vigliarolo, Director of IT, Abbey Spanier Rodd & Abrams, LLP