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Industry Solutions

BUMI serves clients in a variety of industries including healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, professional services, and more.  Each industry has its own unique set of challenges and concerns.  Below we’ve highlighted how we can help companies address their specific issues.

Financial Services

Financial services firms are facing increased regulatory requirements and intense scrutiny from investors regarding how their data is stored and protected. BUMI understands the pressure your firm may face in providing transparency and reducing risks while navigating the murky waters of an ever-changing technological and regulatory landscape…
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A major focus of all medical organizations is the security and privacy of electronic health records and their transmission between health care entities. Organizations must ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their members’ health records, and transmission of data must be authenticated and encrypted. Additionally, security policies and procedures must be documented and implemented… 

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Law Firms

Law firms face a variety of unique challenges when it comes to data protection. In the course of legal research and case management, these organizations routinely amass large volumes of data and handle sensitive information on behalf of their clients. The passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) legislative act also requires that they maintain the highest levels…
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Real Estate

Data is the lifeblood of any real estate firm, and the ability to access information quickly and reliably is necessary in order to flourish in today’s competitive landscape.  Day-in and day-out, real estate professionals rely on critical data such as emails, contracts, listing records, management software, and contact databases to run their operations and meet the needs of their clients…
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