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Financial Services

Data Backup, Recovery and Compliance for Financial Services Firms

Financial services firms are facing increased regulatory requirements and intense scrutiny from investors regarding how their data is stored and protected. BUMI understands the pressure your firm may face in providing transparency and reducing risks while navigating the murky waters of an ever-changing technological and regulatory landscape. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of financial services firms protect their assets (and reputations), reassure their clients, and remain competitive in the marketplace by securing their data. Are you looking for a partner that understands the importance of how valuable data is to your business and is equipped to handle your sensitive information? Then look no further, because we’re here to help.

BUMI’s data recovery solution can help financial services firms build a record-keeping program compliant with the following standards and regulations:

  • SEC 17a4
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Graham Leach Bliley Act
  • and others

In addition, BUMI’s data recovery solution for financial services firm includes:

  • 256 Bit AES encryption at all times at highly secure offsite data center locations (SAS70 Type II)
  • Storage of data on high-end disk arrays that cannot be changed or tampered with once backed up to our facilities.
  • Disk-to-Disk backup and retrieval of data
  • Audit trail of all backups and restores
  • Highly customizable retention rules configured based on your business needs
  • Restricted login privileges only allowing access to users with administrative credentials

“BUMI has a team oriented, proactive approach. They’re very forward thinking as far as finding solutions to problems that other people in the financial services industry have faced. I trust BUMI to talk directly with our auditors and that, combined with their excellent customer support, has made me glad I chose BUMI.” – Danielle Hughes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Divine Capital Markets LLC

 “BUMI takes complete ownership of the monitoring and managing of our data backup, making it hands free for us. They are a secure, professional, and white glove hosted backup company that provides exactly the kind of service and solution we needed.” – Jeff Miller, Chief Technological Officer, Serengeti Asset Management